• Oxygen Humidifier bottle

Oxygen Humidifier Bottle

The Oxygen Humidifier is a plastic bottle designed to attached to oxygen machines and add moisture to the end users oxygen. Oxygen is dry by nature and some people are sensitive to this. If you experience dry nostrils or a runny nose, then an oxygen humidifier bottle may be the solution for you. Simply fill the humidifier bottle half way with distilled water and screw the top of the bottle to the threaded universal oxygen output on your oxygen machine. Then place the oxygen tube on to the tapered o2 port on the bottle. When the machine is on, the water in the bottle will bubble. If it is not bubbling, then the bottle is not attached properly - either top of bottle to bottom of bottle or top of bottle to oxygen source. 

The oxygen water bottle has a threaded universal oxygen fitting at the top that is compatible with most oxygen machines with a maximum liter flow of 6LPM. If your machine has a threaded outlet port with a "christmas tree adapter" screwed on in which the tubing connects to, simply remove that green adapter and attach the bottle there. The humidifier will take the place of the adapter. If your oxygen machine does not have a threaded adapter and an o2 port it permanently affixed to the machine, there there is a humidifier adapter that you will need in order to attach this device to your oxygen machine.

The oxygen humidifier bottle is sold as 1 per package. It is best to buy two so when one is being cleaned, the other can be placed on the machine.


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