AirSep NewLife Elite Filter Kit

AirSep NewLife Elite Concentrator Filter Kits

It is recommended to replace your oxygen concentrator filters once a year. Our concentrator filter kits for the AirSep NewLife oxygen concentrator include all of the filters that are part of the annual preventive maintenance for the NewLife and NewLife Elite models including the foam cabinet filter, final inline bacteria filter, and battery. Keep your oxygen concentrator running well by performing the easy and inexpensive task of performing routine maintenance and replacing filters every year.

The following items are included in our AirSep NewLife oxygen concentrator filter PM kits:

 QTY ASP Item # OEM Item # Description
1 F143R FI002-1 Foam Cabinet Filter
1 BF600 FI001-1 Final Bacteria Filter 1/4"
1 BA9V n/a Battery 9v